la guardia hotel

about us

We fell in love with Giglio Island many years ago. The typical Tuscan architecture, the historic Roman cliff-top vineyards. The proud local community with a unique cultural heritage. The beauty of life here is quite something to behold.

Giglio inspired us to broaden our horizons. In 2017, we established GreyRock – a company dedicated to creating truly unique experiences in luxuriously laid-back settings.
When the opportunity arose to acquire one of the island’s main hotels, we realised it was the perfect spot to create an energising retreat. A destination for like-minded people who value authenticity and beauty. A hotel that exists in harmony with the local community.

La Guardia opened its doors in 2019, welcoming guests into a special blend of the sophisticated and the informal, the luxurious and the cocooned.
It is our pleasure to welcome you.

For any additional information about La Guardia, please contact info@laguardiahotel.it

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